Fragments hit all the right notes, portraying experiences that anyone could relate to and left me hopeful that through better understanding and acceptance, people might break their silence and feel empowered to talk about their experiences. These connections could be life changing and in some cases, life saving.  (MT, Melba)

Fragments is an unflinching look at mental health issues confronted by young people today.  Raw, unsettling, ironic, funny, heartbreaking, authentic – it is all of this and more. Fragments does not resolve the characters’ insecurities and struggles.  It invites conversation about difficult and profound issues.  It is a gift to teenagers, and those living or working with them, that deserves exposure to help us all understand better some of the challenges facing young people today.  Imagine the impact if every high school student could experience this powerful performance. (ET, Lyons)

A brilliant, powerful and honest take on mental illness and the stigma that surrounds it. Watching Fragments with my husband and two daughters in the intimate space of Street 2 was a powerful and emotional experience. Afterwards, we had a good, open conversation about the alienation the characters experienced and the importance of connection. Thought-provoking and brilliantly performed, Fragments cleverly tackles issues that affect nearly everyone in our community but are not discussed nearly as often as they should be.  (MB, Yarralumla)

Maura Pierlot’s Fragments is thoughtful and heartbreaking, giving the audience a comprehensive insight ino the causes and realities of mental health issues in today’s teens. While the subject matter is heavy, there is a great sense of hope. (HB, Florey)

My teenage daughter and I were both riveted by the unfolding stories told in the authentic voices of young people. The play hit all the right notes, portraying experiences that anyone could relate to. (BC, Campbell)

Using theatre to open people’s minds to such a difficult topic is genius! (MT, Melba)

After seeing the play I immediately reached out to people who I know are struggling but can’t bring themselves to ask for help. (EG, Wagga)

I laughed and I cried. (Year 10 student)

It’s two weeks later and I’m still thinking about Fragments. (Year 11 student)

I don’t go to the theatre often but I was so impressed with this production that I’ll be heading back soon. (DM, Waramanga)

Everyone in high school should see this! (Year 11 student)

After seeing Fragments, my family talked about the issues and my dad agreed he’s been struggling for a while. He’s now getting help and is in a much better place. (HK, Hall)

There are so many people I know at school who are struggling. But everyone pretends they’re okay. We all wear masks. And Fragments helps us to see this and to know that others are struggling too. We need to talk more. (Year 12 student)

A Street Theatre survey asked theatre-goers to describe their reaction to Fragments in three words. Comments included:

Eye opening, entertaining, absorbing

Powerful, insightful, moving

Very, very good

Visceral, captivating, reflective

Thought-provoking, confronting, hopeful

Amazing, artistic, realistic

Excellent, powerful, professional

Raw, real, powerful