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Fragments is now a feature-length film, comprising the entire web series with additional footage that tracks the trajectory of one of a main character. Check out the official trailer below.

Fragments – Official Trailer (Anthology Feature Cut, September 2023)

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Audiences around the world are watching Fragments on the big screen. The feature-length anthology cut has received Honourable Mention at the Awareness Film Festival in Los Angeles and has been nominated for Best Feature at the New Renaissance Film Festival in London. The Fragments web series has been selected for Sydney Web Fest. Stay tuned for more announcements.

Launch – 23 February

National Film and Sound Archives, Canberra

A big thank you to the 150 or so people who attended the premiere of Fragments on 23 February 2023. It was a wonderful celebration of the journey from stage play to book to web series. Guests were the first to view the full cut of the web series, followed by a Q&A with members of the Canberra creative and production team. The ACT Arts Minister, Tara Cheyne, officially launched the work. You can launch photos below and on the ‘Photos’ page.

Fragments Web Series: Official Trailer (October 2022)

8 lives untethered.

8 voices in the dark.

8 stories of adversity.

8 lost souls looking for hope.

  • Image: Miguel Gallagher
  • Image: Miguel Gallagher
  • Image: Miguel Gallagher
  • Image: Miguel Gallagher
  • Art/Animation by Frances Adams
  • Image: Tom Fiander
  • Image: Miguel Gallagher
  • Image: Miguel Gallagher

Follow the Fragments journey …

Fragments has been quite a journey, both literally and metaphorically. I started writing on mental health in 2016 when I was experiencing some very difficult and challenging issues in my life. I never imagined that these seeds would germinate and soon flourish on stage, in paperback, on the web and on the big screen. I have been inspired, challenged, stressed, confused, elated and more as I continue to adapt the Fragments for new audiences and to explore other mental health and wellbeing projects through Big Ideas Press.

It takes a village to produce a short film, let alone eight, and I am grateful beyond words to the amazing team of dedicated filmmakers – cast, crew and creatives – for the skill and passion that they brought to this project. I am especially grateful to the ACT Government, which funded several iterations of Fragments in recent years through artsACT, and to producer Dan Sanguineti who brought the same passion to the work as I did, along with his technical expertise.

The short video below provides a brief overview of my Fragments journey. My aim has always been to invite conversation about mental health for people of all ages, with a view to reducing stigma. Feedback is always welcome. Please feel free to contact me anytime: maura@bigideaspress.com.

Fragments – The Journey (8-minute video)

The Fragments Team (Web Series)

The Fragments web series was made possible by the hard work, collaboration, dedication and inspiration of a talented and diverse production team.

Writer/Executive Producer: Maura Pierlot

Producer: Dan Sanguineti

Associate Producer: Miguel Gallagher

Creative Producer: Maura Pierlot

Creative Director: Shelly Higgs

Cinematographer: Miguel Gallagher

Short Circuit – Director: Joshua Koske; Writer: Maura Pierlot; Actor: Tom Bryson

In My Head – Director: Carl Emmerson; Writer: Maura Pierlot; Actor: Linda Chen

Good for Nothing – Director: Matthew J Thompson; Writer: Maura Pierlot; Art/Animation: Frances Adams; Actor/voice: Ankush Khanchi

Picture Perfect – Director: Julia Faragher; Writer: Maura Pierlot; Actor: Jade Breen

Pretty Stupid – Director: Declan Shrubb; Writer: Maura Pierlot; Actor: Rahel Alemseged

She – Director: Denai Gracie; Writer: Maura Pierlot; Actor: Brendan Kelly

Roller Coaster – Director: Anthea Staats; Writer: Maura Pierlot; Actor: Erin Pierlot

Now You See Me – Director: Shelly Higgs; Writer: Maura Pierlot; Actor: Zane Menegazzo

Fragments (the Web Series) is proudly brought to you by:

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