The Web Series

8 lives untethered.

8 voices in the dark.

8 stories of adversity.

8 lost souls looking for hope.


An 8-part web series

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From the Fragments Creator

Fragments has been quite a journey, both literally and metaphorically. I started writing on mental health in 2016 when I was experiencing some very difficult and challenging issues in my life. I never imagined that these seeds would germinate and soon flourish on stage, in paperback, on the web and on the big screen. I have been inspired, challenged, stressed, confused, elated and more as I continue to adapt the Fragments for new audiences and to explore other mental health and wellbeing projects through Big Ideas Press.

It takes a village to produce a short film, let alone eight, and I am grateful beyond words to the amazing team of dedicated filmmakers – cast, crew and creatives – for the skill and passion that they brought to this project. I am especially grateful to the ACT Government, which funded several iterations of Fragments in recent years through artsACT.

The short video below provides a brief overview of my Fragments journey. My aim has always been to invite conversation about mental health for people of all ages, with a via to reducing stigma. Feedback is always welcome. Please feel free to contact me anytime:

FragmentsThe Journey (8-minute video)

The Fragments Team (Web Series/Film)

Executive Producer/Creative Producer/Writer: Maura Pierlot

Producer: Dan Sanguineti

Creative Director: Shelly Higgs

Cinematographer: Miguel Gallagher

Short Circuit – Director: Joshua Koske; Writer: Maura Pierlot; Actor: Tom Bryson

In My Head – Director: Carl Emmerson; Writer: Maura Pierlot; Actor: Linda Chen

Good for Nothing – Director: Matthew J Thompson; Writer: Maura Pierlot; Art/Animation: Frances Adams; Actor/voice: Ankush Khanchi

Picture Perfect – Director: Julia Faragher; Writer: Maura Pierlot; Actor: Jade Breen

Pretty Stupid – Director: Declan Shrubb; Writer: Maura Pierlot; Actor: Rahel Alemseged

She – Director: Denai Gracie; Writer: Maura Pierlot; Actor: Brendan Kelly

Roller Coaster – Director: Anthea Staats; Writer: Maura Pierlot; Actor: Erin Pierlot

Now You See Me – Director: Shelly Higgs; Writer: Maura Pierlot; Actor: Zane Menegazzo

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