The Characters

Will, 16

Drawn to rhythm, Will struggles in a world of words, unable to connect to the girl of his dreams, but refusing medication that will make him think like everyone else. 

Freya, 15

On the outside Freya’s a normal teen but on the inside she’s fighting anxiety every single day, alone and unable to tell anyone that she needs help. 

Vijay, 14

Worried he’ll never be tall enough, handsome enough or smart enough, Vijay turns to social media to chat up girls at school with devastating consequences.

Reena, 13

Convinced she’s fat, Reena relies on filters to market a better version of herself online, creating a fake Instagram account, revelling in praise from a growing legion of followers. 

Nicky, 17

Nicky was born in the wrong body. They have never felt so confused or alone. Nor have they ever felt such a crushing weight to make a decision. One way or the other. 

Mila, 18

Reeling from an abrupt reality check, a young woman sues her school and family for failing to prepare her for life after graduation. 

Mason, 17

Everyone’s so busy looking up to school captain Mason they don’t recognise the debilitating depression that is taking over his life. 

Lexy, 17

Lexy is determined to internalise her family struggles, until a chance meeting opens the floodgates and changes the course of her life.